shame on u, li yongbo!

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回答: 意大 无往不利, 欧也 由 MOON 于 June 29, 2012 at 22:34:56:

and koreans, indonesians, also.

but chinese should bear the most blame.

look at women doubles format 1st:

1/4: A1 vs C2; A2 vs C1; B1 vs D2; B2 vs D1

1/2: A1/C2 vs B1/D2

china have 2 pairs, each in A and D group, if both won group, they will only meet in the final.

koreans also have 2, A and C. so they not as lucky as china, the pair in C must either play A1 or A2, meaning either china's top seed wang/yu or their own compatriots.

Indonesai only 1 in C.

1st let's put some blame on IBF, world badminton federation, and london organizers:

1. group idea was bad, said to encourage weak players, so they can play more. but this is agianst badminton's tradition, which almsot always is single elimination, simple and straight forward.

2. 4 strong pairs, two chinese, 1 korean and 1 indonesians in A and C; while denmark lone pair was in D. this means hard 1/4 final for those 4 asian pairs, and rather easy one for denmark. again, europe's deep, dirty and dark tradition of working against other continents. we already saw this in other sports: gym, fencing, etc.

but these blemishes pale when compared to li and his chinese team.

if li want his two pairs only meeting in final, very simple, always play hard and win every game.

all these changed with one game which was not much controversial, but totally responsible for the following fiasco.

the other chinese pair tian/zhao was in D, lost to the denmark. tian/zhao already qualified for 1/4 before that. they could have played hard and try to win, if so, they were D1,and also would ahve eliminated the denmark one (while a japan pair as D2 would qualify).

but they didn't. i didn't see the game video, the score was 22-20, 21-12. looked like chinese fought hard in the first set, then gave up. the denamrk pair was good, no certainty chinese could eaisly win. still there's strong possibility chinese didn't play their best, so to save energy for 1/4.

anyway this totally changed scenario. i guess li's mind worked like this:

fine if our 2 pairs both win group. but maybe that will be hard as opponents are strong, could waste lots of stamina. so when tian/zhao lost the 1st set, li ordered them to give up.

why not take the easy way out, both losing and being A2 and D2?

so this lead to the disgusting farce we all know now:

yu/wang (A2) lost to korean pair1 (A1) in A. then korean team was also despicable, they ordered their pair2 in C to lose, so two korean pairs would play each other in 1/4, avoiding A2 the chinese.

this is not only disgusting, but also chicken. why they had no confidence of playing chinese in 1/4, if their 2nd pair won group C, they would have a chance to win gold and silver!

but as koreans and indonesians said, li started all these. li should take the most blame.

shame, shame, shame! i don't care how good li did as head coach, but his dirty and shameless ethics are simply in violation of all sports principles.

i would like to see him to be sacked after olympics.


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