esp vs ITA dream final

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送交者: cruiser 于 June 28, 2012 at 14:31:15:

回答: ym = china 由 cruiser 于 July 19, 2011 at 09:15:58:

met in the 1st round, will meet in the last match.

spain look invincible,but if they do fear any1, it's italy.

last tournament started the spanish era, but even in the low momment for italy (losing 3-0 to holland in group stage), they didn't fear spain, it took PK shootout for spain to come through in 1/4 final.

4 years later, italy is ascending, while spain is doing the opposite from 2010 pinnacle.

prandelli orgnaized well, mixed old (pirlo & buffon)with young (montolivio the future MF maestro), had a great future captain in de rossi, managed balotelli well, got great subs, everything clicked, at the right moment.

spain have no center forward, xavi is mediocre, miss villa.

still spain are undoubtedly the favorite, why?

they are so superior on tech, so many talents, their subs (navas, pedro, llorente) can play starting lineup in any other team. xavi down, so what, there's iniesta. torres down, fabregas no real forward, so what, alonso fills in. they are just so well balanced, no weakness ( they even scored headers on set pieces, remember 2010 semi vs germans?)

of so many superstars, i'll name ramos as the mvp in this team. without puyol, he changed to center defender, no problem, and he can score headers, take FK, and PK, what else he can't do?

did i just mention PK?

yeah. that's spain's biggest secret weapon now.

they don't fear PK shootout now. even if they can't score, they don't allow goals, when was the last time they let in one during knockout stages? even if holland held on to the last moment 2 years ago? any suspense really there? no! every1 would predict spain on penalties.

casillas vs buffon for the last dueling? ummhhhhh, great ending. 4 years ago, buffon lost, this time?

spain is like sampras in wimbledon, even if can't break opp service game, will hold own,and take care of business in tiebreaker. ( i am very interested to see a PK fight with the never losing germans, maybe 2014?)

ironically, if spain do losing to italy on sun, they can blame themselves for not finishing italians in group stage. if only they arranged a 2-2 with croatia....


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