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回答: 孤独求败的小舰 由 MOON 于 February 26, 2010 at 17:21:08:

tomorrow he's going to announce retirement in SH, closing an era full of ! and ?

in many senses, the little giant is like china. on some aspects, looks like a superpower; then on others, as frail and delicate as porcelain.

i am proud to say from the 1st ever day YM's name being mentioned by maerican media, i have never understood why there's so much hype and frenzy surrounding him. to me it's always a mystery, the only reason i could find is NBA wanted china market badly.

for fans who had ever paid attention to chinese basketball, it's hard to understand why YM got so much more attention than wang zz in american eyes. when the two played in china, wang always was thought to be more important, his PLA team always better than YM's SH, and wang got more prestige in the national team.

true, YM's height got the eyes. and a center should catch more attention than a forward. but by that much to american media? 1st draft pick? ever since the 1st day touching americna soil, YM had been overrated and always under unnecessary scrutiny. i don't know it's good or bad, no one can tell, even for YM himself.

make no mistake, i am always a yao fan, proud of his achivement, even i never like his sports. i am just more pragmatic. i just thought it's absurd to artificially elevate him to a position he should and would never achieve.and then when he failed, bash him.

it earned him lots of fame, money. ask americans, besides mao, YM might be tied 2nd with deng as most identifiable chinese people.

it also most likely ended his career prematurely. rockets forced him to eat lots ( i always suspect YM took PEDs), bolstering strength, be more like shaq.and indeed for a short period of time YM did seemed like his successor, remembered the season YM twice voted player of the month, got better over d howard head-to-head when the latter young star just started his career?

unfortunately science is science, asian genetics and anatomy determined YM could never be shaq, not even close. when so many chinese fans got crazy and encouraged YM to be stronger and stronger, i always worried could his body, esp his heart and bottom part, sustain such high intensity, day in and day out wrestling, bumping, shoving with fellow giant players.

bubble pops, boom into bust. the bones of his feet finally said "enough is enough, i could do this no more".

china is also over hyped by westerners, just recently a poll said msot euros think china has more influence than america.

and then there's always nonstopping talk when china surpass america as #1, some say 2020, 2015, or even already #1.

what a joke, how absurd. no sane people who stayed in both countries would claim that.

i say it's 50-100 years apart.

it's 1 thing what outsiders think of china (no mattter of purpose motive those china biulls or bears might have, i always think bears better, china now need cold water most) but it's more important what we really think of ourselves.

YM might know what real stuff he possess, or maybe not. whatever, the ending for him certainly not bad.

but what about china? might not get that much luck. it's safe to say overestimation could bring disaster result.


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