winter olympics "joke" events

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送交者: cruiser 于 February 22, 2010 at 13:38:14:

i used to say ice dancing is the biggest joke of winter olympics because it's not a sports.

now i find that 2nd one almost eually laughable:

ski-jumping team event.

austria jumpers performed quite poorly in vancouver, as fans can easily find in the already finished two indiv events.

they still do nothing spectacular in today's team one, yet they are en route to an easy win.

why? the team event calls for 4 jumpers, austria is so strong as a whole, its world #8 ranked guy not even making the olympic team! others simply don't have 4 good ones.

if there's going to be a team event, two conditions need to be met

1. the team competition is going to show special flavor, interesting side than indiv one

2. if theoretically just using 1 superstar to fill out for all, i.e. this team of only 1 guy against opponent team of maximum allowed guys, no chance of winning at all, mainly due to stamina.

ski-jump team event doesn't meet either criterion, it's basically an indiv competition, no cooperation needed between teammates really.

2ndly, a superstar himself can defeat all opponent teams if he's allowed to solely represent his nation.

yes, i am talking simon ammann, the switzerland superstar, obviously he has no peers in his caliber at vancouver.

and ski-jump is not really too labor-intensive, ammann can patiently wait for others to finish their jumps and then do his 2nd, 3rd...maybe 10 th jump of the day without much stamina problem.

but switzerland don't have another 3 good jumpers, so they don't even send a team! what if ammann allowed to compete as 1 for 4? my bet he'll get a 3rd gold.

the ski-jump team event is as silly as say a figure skating team event, say if there's a pairs team competition ( let's say 3 pairs), china are going to eaily win another gold. or how about aerial freestyle women team? china send 4 girls into final (toal 12).

no other team or relay is like this silly.

usian bolt is like ammann, no opponent. but his 400m (or the world best 400 m runner now) is not going to compete with others in 4X100 relay, not even close. stamina!

deng yaping, the most dominant women table tennis player ever, probably could play all singles in a team event and still win all of them, as table tennis is not that demanding. still this event is much reasonable than ski jump team one.

it'll definitely take deng much more energy to beat 3 korean girls without much rest than ammann makes 8 jumps in a day, with each interval 10-20 min.


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